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It is a pleasure for us to welcome you to our practice.  We would like to make your visits here as pleasant as possible.  This booklet will explain the procedures and policies we have established in order to serve you as promptly and efficiently as possible.


The dental services we provide in this office are primarily preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry, periodontal and prosthodontics dentistry.

Preventive dentistry encompasses the detection and prevention of future dental treatment through the education of the patient in improved oral hygiene.  Restorative dentistry encompasses anything from the smallest filling to a complete oral reconstruction involving crowns on all twenty eight teeth. We often provide esthetics dental procedures for patients who wish to enhance their appearance.  Periodontal dentistry is the comprehensive treatment of gums or gingival and the supporting bone, and Prosthodontics dentistry is the art of complete dentures and removable partial dentures as well as implants.


We use the term Family Dentistry to describe our practice.  This means several things to us.  It means the adherence to the certain time-honored dental principles and the use of special instruments to provide our patients with the finest quality and most complete dental service we are capable of producing.  Family dentistry does not mean that we perform every service a patient may require in this office.  It does mean that we often call on certain dental specialists to perform procedures for our patients in their particular areas of expertise.

Family Dentistry also implies the standard of service we attempt to provide.  We believe that compromising procedures or materials for the sake of economy invariably results in higher costs for our patients in terms of time, effort, expense, and often discomfort.  The term Family Dentistry to us embodies a philosophical commitment to the utilization of superior concepts, methods and materials by trained and motivated people.  It refers not to cost, but to value.


In order that we may efficiently utilize your time and our own, we operate by appointment only.  In the event of an emergency, we believe we have an obligation to treat a regular, establish patient whenever an urgent situation arises.

We and our staff will make every effort to keep our appointment with you as promptly as possible.  Occasionally, there will be a short delay.  In the event of a long delay, we will make every effort to notify you in advance, and to offer to reschedule your appointment.  Broken appointments are extremely costly for us, a charge of $50 per hour scheduled will be charged to your account unless we receive 24 hours notice of a cancellation.  We understand an issue may arise beyond your control, as soon as it becomes evident you will not be able to keep your appointment, please notify us.


At your first visit to our office, it is customary that we clean your teeth, thoroughly examine your mouth, and take whatever x-rays we consider necessary for you.  We will also instruct you in the method we recommend for you to properly maintain your mouth on a daily basis at home.  Only when your oral condition has been thoroughly evaluated and your desires and expectations understood can we intelligently begin any dental treatment.

Before any treatment is undertaken, we will identify your dental needs and estimate the cost of complete treatment.  The fees used to calculate your estimate will be honored for a period of three months.


Dental treatment rendered on a sporadic basis is little better than no treatment at all.  It is only with regular examinations that we can assure you of your optimal oral health.  Once your teeth have been cleaned, we will arrange for a mutually agreeable appointment with you for a time when we believe your mouth should be examined and cleaned again.  In most cases, this will be at a six-month interval.  Because we feel so strongly that regular maintenance is essential to a healthy mouth, we will be rather persistent in contacting you for a recall visit.  If you do not share our enthusiasm for regular recall appointments, perhaps it would be in your best interest not to become a patient in our practice.  We do not feel the same obligations to a patient who seeks sporadic care in times of dental crisis as we do to one whose commitment to personal good health is manifested by regular dental maintenance.




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